Ject Drive Through Injectibles

The First Drive-Through Injectables Bar Launches In NYC And It’s Already Reshaping The Medical Aesthetics Industry

The popularity of dermal fillers has long been on the rise, but unlikely reasons are propelling the medical aesthetics industry at light speed these days. A focus on in-and-out activities and a mostly virtual way of life both call for easier accessibility and less time spent in public spaces across the board — and also serving as unexpected motivation to try new beauty treatments. With the most effective services administered by trained medical professionals, one medspa is bringing new meaning to quick and painless injections. Using a personalized approach and taking all safety precautions possible, Ject is mastering the necessities and leaving the frill behind. 

There are countless reasons one may consider beauty treatments ranging from facials to fillers. But lately, being seen mostly via screen by coworkers or faraway friends and family, a new aspect of pressure to look more like your online self is on the rise. Or perhaps spending more time in front of your home vanity may yield an unignorable urge to try a new beautifying technique or two. In-person events are on pause for the foreseeable future, but at the same time we’re planning for virtual appearances like Instagram Lives, Zoom conferences, and FaceTime holiday parties. People are still looking for aesthetic improvements for the same reasons as before, only now for a virtual world. “From fitness influencers getting ready for their next live-streamed class, boardroom meetings on Zoom, or virtual Fashion Week, we’ve seen a huge demand for people wanting to look and feel their best virtually,” says Gabrielle Garritano, founder and CEO of Ject, a new type of medspa. 

In a world where convenience is key (now more than ever), Ject is structured around an innovative “drive-through” business model that brings new meaning to quick and easy cosmetics. Recalling the success of other single-focus beauty service businesses like Drybar and European Wax Center, the in-and-out concept is only growing, especially now that less time spent in public spaces is strongly encouraged indefinitely. A need for unfussy appointments with no extraneous face-to-face time is the new normal, and Ject is here to ease Covid-19 concerns comfortably, safely, effectively, and hassle-free.  

An experienced filler patient will agree that quality has little to do with speed and extra time-consuming steps, but rather the quality of the products, the injectors, and the in-store experience. But even a longtimer may question speedier filler protocol. While Ject’s  one-stop-shop method entails a faster appointment, it doesn’t translate to safety concerns, botched decisions, or churning out the same face repeatedly. In fact, tweaking one’s face toward a trend is exactly what injectable bars are working against. “The days of overfilled lips are over — well, they are at Ject, anyway,” says Garritano. Instead, the focus is on achieving balance and harmony to each individual’s face and achieving the best versions of themselves, rather than succumbing to trends (ahem, fox eyes, duck lips) if they’re not the most beneficial or visually appealing option for you. 

“Our clients have a desire to look natural, and by using modern techniques we’re able to achieve this while also considering preventive aesthetics,” says the CEO. Ject’s members range in demographic, but its core clientele is between 28 and 48 years old. Instead of just plumping up lines, younger people are using injections as a natural lifting agent to restore and maintain volume loss preemptively, to prevent signs of aging and more extreme measures like surgical face lifts in the future.  

With every new and successful business or methods come big questions warranting solid answers. Especially where health is concerned, one should be wary of venturing into new territory. So here’s everything you need to know about “drive-through” beauty treatments, according to one of the top professionals in the medical aesthetics field. 

Meet Ject

Ject is in essence a budding medical aesthetics business with a modern focus on cosmetic injectables such as Botox and fillers, as well as medical-grade procedures such as microneedling, chemical peels, and IPL (Intense Pulse Light therapy). The brand is centered around convenience: Its evening and weekend hours are helpful for many, and its locations were thoughtfully chosen in popular business and social locales. “Our mission is to revolutionize the medical aesthetics industry, making these services accessible and mainstream,” says founder Garritano. With three New York locations (West Village, Upper East Side, and Bridgehampton), the chain’s meteoric rise in popularity is a trustworthy indication that this new method isn’t going anywhere. 

Gabrielle Garritano is a board-certified, New York–licensed physician assistant with a master’s degree in physician assistant studies. Before founding Ject she worked alongside some of New York City’s top plastic surgeons, gaining extensive experience in aesthetic injectables, skin care, and minimally invasive procedures. With a focus on preventative medical aesthetics, Garritano’s highly specialized career provided a distinct perspective into today’s rapidly changing cosmetic and medical landscape. Through a decade of hands-on training, she identified an important level the industry lacked: accessibility. 

The popularity of face tweaking has been growing steadily for decades now. With an increase in small procedures and fear among interested patients lowering, injections are no longer being thought of as a high-stakes surgery or scary procedure. However, seemingly never-ending horror stories of bad reactions or untrained technicians still loom. Taking one’s physical and mental well-being into one’s hands is a major responsibility, one that Ject’s professionals do not take lightly. “We have a safe and educational approach to all of our services,” says Garritano. “Our approach is very personalized for every single patient we see, and we try to address all of their concerns, even if it is over several appointments. Plus, this is all we do: We have every step of the process down to a science.” 

Ject Drive Through Injectibles

The Lowdown

The new home-based way of life may seem like an opportune time to stop doling out money on beauty, considering we’re not going out much, and half our face is covered when we are.  On the contrary, the beauty industry is seeing a boom in aesthetic procedures. “Clients have much less concern about downtime with treatments now that they’re at home. We’ve seen an increase in patients trying new services like lip filler and microneedling, which have always been the ‘I have to work tomorrow’ uncertainty,” says Garritano, adding that Ject has seen a 22% rise in monthly appointments since safely reopening from the pandemic, along with a 27.8% increase in average spending per appointment. 

Ject specializes in a new type of medspa experience, one that’s as quick and painless as possible. “Every step, from the seamless booking experience to the time spent in-store and during the treatment, may seem quick and easy for the patient, but this is done with years of training and expertise in the industry,” says Garritano. The fast protocol entails booking a procedure or virtual appointment online. Payment and consent forms are also completed online before the patient arrives. Then, at the time of appointment, the medspa has your numbing room waiting (where you can ice or use pain-reducing creams for five to 10 minutes prior to injections); photos are taken for record-keeping; the practitioner thoroughly consults with you on the best options for your desired look, the injections are administered — and bam, you’re out the door. 

But don’t assume that a quick appointment means hasty decisions. Consultations are thorough and individually tailored, so there’s no pressure if you get cold feet. “Maybe the patient wants to go home and think about it, and when they do decide to make the appointment for dermal filler, it’s as easy as booking online for the same or next day, numbing for five to 10 minutes, having a final conversation to touch base, and then the actual injection takes anywhere from five to 10 minutes max,” says Garritano. 

It’s important, however, to clarify that the injections themselves are performed safely and not in a “quick” manner.  In order to avoid adverse complications like bruising, swelling, and vascular risks in their patients, specialists never rush the process itself. “I’m nervous to say it’s really quick and easy, because you do have to be very careful about not injecting too quickly. When you’re actually doing the injection part, it should be slow, but everything else can be fast.” While its pricing is on par with many NYC medspas, Ject has special membership pricing that includes a slew of fun benefits like discounts from its store and other cult-favorite brands like Carbon38 clothing, SoulCycle classes, and Sakara meals.

Ject Drive Through Injectibles

Simple But Safe

With Garritano’s decade-plus experience in injectables before founding Ject, the medspa’s conditions — from staff education,  carrying only the best brands and products on the market, storing and administering them safely — have been perfected. “There are so many reasons that go into choosing a certain product, like how thin is their skin, how deep is the injection, what downtime is going to be involved. So as an injector you have to consolidate all trends, brands, and new products and look at the clinical trials, so I think it’s important to offer all of the different products out there,” explains Garritano, as opposed to medspas that only carry their personal favorites which may not be the best option for every client.

The in-and-out concept may imply a one-size-fits-all method, but that’s exactly what the brand is working against. Considering every nuance, like what product to use, how many ccs to use, where, and how often, Ject’s professionals identify individualized answers thoughtfully and tactfully. “Think of the face like a work of art: Consider it not only as separate features but as a whole composition,” says Garritano, explaining that beauty goes well beyond the absence of wrinkles or perfect symmetry and has more to do with the shapes, contours, and ratios of the face. “In my opinion, it’s all about balance,” she says. “For example, Angelina Jolie has a beautiful jawline and cheekbones; therefore she is able to have a beautiful full lip without it looking too fake or unnatural.” That’s Ject’s area of expertise. 

Rather than following face trends or banking on clients’ insecurities, Ject’s professionals identify individualized tweaks for subtle but effective improvements without overdoing it. We won’t try to talk you into getting services you don’t need, and we don’t want you to look overdone. At the end of the day, we’re in the business of self-esteem, empowering women and men to feel their best however they define it.” 

That said, injectables can be used to fulfill many desired looks, from subtle to prominent, and work just as well with minimal or more vigorous approaches. “Some people are ‘beauty seekers’ and desire to achieve their personal perception of beauty, while others desire rejuvenation to reduce the signs of an aging face,” says Garritano, noting that a youthful face has round contours, high cheekbones, and a well-defined jawline. As we age, the layers of our face start to change, and we begin to lose volume around the eyes, temples, cheeks, and lips. And age isn’t always the only indicator: Volume deterioration and deflation can be exaggerated in people who have experienced weight loss or who exercise excessively. Restoring plumpness to those areas immediately gives a more healthy and youthful appearance.

“I’m a true advocate of medical aesthetics being part of someone’s overall health and well-being. We believe a little preventive maintenance goes a long way. No matter how old you are, it’s worth thinking about as a preventative approach,” says Garritano, sharing that younger people may consider injections even before signs of aging to hold off the use of fillers longer or prevent surgery altogether. Tools like Botox can be very effective in preventing signs of aging, and can even help treat medical diagnoses like TMJ (teeth grinding), excessive sweating, and chronic migraines. 

Cell turnover also slows over time, and regular treatments such as chemical peels can slow or prevent the visible aging process. “Scary treatments” like microneedling and deep chemical peels have also been popular at medspas lately, since patients can easily cover any redness or peeling with a mask in public or with makeup on video calls. “We’ve even heard ‘I’ll just turn off the camera or decrease the lighting if I have to,’” says Garritano.

Ject Drive Through Injectibles

Quality Control

All eight of Ject’s providers are physicians, physician assistants, or nurse practitioners, and fully licensed and certified to practice medicine in New York. Each is a highly trained medical professional with medical aesthetics (i.e. injections) as their sole practice. 

“All of our providers have prior medical aesthetic experience and continue to receive regular training to meet the standards of the Ject brand,” says the CEO. This extensive training includes the anatomy of the face, how to access the aesthetic facial structures, the consultation process, injecting safety and techniques, and how to recognize and manage any complications that could occur. All Ject providers receive both didactic and hands-on training in “Ject Academy” workshops that provide initial and ongoing education and standards to maintain quality control and consistency across the company. Responsible, honest, and ethical practices are prioritized so that the staff can be mentors, educators, and unbiased sounding boards to their clients. Some clients prefer to work with one injector, so each appointment is tracked with a detailed medical file as at a doctor’s office, so there’s no fear of cycling between staff. 

Furthermore, everything is overseen by Ject’s medical director Ali Vafa, MD/MPH, who has spent decades in the medical aesthetics industry and earned several titles. “We have ongoing training for all of our injectors and even for myself for new products. We had Ject Academy last month where we did extensive hands-on training, a daylong didactic, and everyone took an exam. It’s really important that all of our providers are trained to know exactly what to do if an adverse event was to occur.”

Ject Drive Through Injectibles

Pros And Cons

Nonsurgical face alterations are not a new idea, but welcoming easy tweaks into daily life is creating a new kind of beauty routine: one that celebrates and champions beauty as you define it by removing the shame that is synonymous with most types of aesthetic altering. Garritano shares, “Our unique combination of effective services and products, educational focus, and accessibility is meant to instill confidence and empowerment. After all, if it makes you feel good, it should be celebrated!” On the negative side, however, accessibility can be harmful if improperly executed. A lower barrier to entry can mean “more people performing injections that may not have the experience necessary,” warns Garritano. Likewise, any medical aesthetics can easily be a cash grab for practitioners who don’t prioritize their patients’ health first. Becoming more commonplace and affordable, it’s now easy to overdo these types of treatments by coming in too frequently or asking for too much at once. So if you’ve warmed up to the idea, here’s Garritano’s qualified advice. Whether it’s your first time getting injections or first time trying a new spot or injector, this is what you should know. 

Ject Drive Through Injectibles

You Should Know


  • Find an injector whom you trust and who understands your aesthetics.
  • If your injector doesn’t discuss all your options and outcomes or suggest alternatives that may be better suited for you, it’s probably a red flag.


  • Explain all of your concerns, and don’t move forward unless you’re comfortable with every answer.
  • Be extra curious. The professionals are there to make you feel safe and should know everything. Bring some written questions with you so you don’t forget to ask them, and don’t be afraid to follow up afterward with any concerns you may have.


  • Know what products are being used on you.
  • Ask what products will be administered on you and why. Then do your own research. Every product should be FDA-approved and proven safe through research and clinical trials.


  • Make sure she/he is a board-certified provider and trained solely in medical aesthetics.
  • This information should be ready to provide upon request at any time.


  • Avoid alcohol and blood thinners (aspirin) 48 hours prior to injections.
  • It’s normal to bleed, bruise, or swell, but ask your injector what else you can do or expect before the procedure so you are fully prepared. And most important, never be embarrassed to be overly cautious. 
Ject Drive Through Injectibles

What To Expect

For many clients, Ject is more than just beauty treatments — it’s a source of confidence and empowerment. “Our spaces are warm, inviting, and sophisticated, and many of clients are often asking to bring their significant other, family, friends, or even their dog because they love being here so much.” This must be true, since Ject has been in business since February 2019 — starting with its West Village store — and just opened its third location on the Upper East Side, which took no time at all to fill up. Getting treatments on your lunch hour is the way of the future. “Overall, we’ve seen a big shift towards injectables in general. Those who were considering it before are making the jump, and those who were doing it already are trying new things,” says Garritano. 

Ject Drive Through Injectibles
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