Revive a Stale Space With These Gorgeous Linen Sprays

What’s better than crisp sheets? *Perfumed* crisp sheets.
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Aug 4, 2022

No matter how beautifully you’ve decorated, your living space can start to feel a little stale. The solution doesn’t have to be something as dramatic as reupholstering or rearranging your furniture—it can be as simple as changing the scent with a linen spray.

“Linen spray is an easy way to bring a little luxury into your life,” says Susanna Maggard, a New York-based interior decorator who has designed spaces in Palm Beach and NYC’s Plaza Hotel. “Home fragrance can change the energy of a room from general to really intentional—and not only transform the mood of a room, but your mood as well.” She recommends seeking out spicier scents for creating a sultry feel to your space, while fresh notes like citrus and cucumber can evoke spa vibes.

You may be reading this thinking, Hey, isn’t this what candles are for? And, sure, we love the ambiance that luxury candles and reed diffusers can create—but linen sprays are uniquely lovely. Because they can be misted directly over fabrics for a quick refresh, they’re far more multifunctional. Adds Maggard, “Linen sprays can be amazing for pet owners—I always spray some on my sofa ahead of guests arriving to counteract any lingering scents from Angus, my dachshund.”

Ready to start spritzing? Keep reading. Here, we’ve rounded up some of our very favorite linen sprays to capture all kinds of moods—from garden fresh to smoky-sweet and everything in between. (Psst: Whether you want to use your linen spray or room spray on fabrics—they're both fair game—make sure to mist from a distance and spot test on more delicate materials before committing.)

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