Finally, a Volumizing Mascara That Doesn’t Clump

It was love at first swipe.
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Oct 13, 2022

For those of us with barely-there lashes, mascara is one of the greatest inventions in glam. It’s impressive how one tube and a single swipe of product can lift and lengthen lashes, giving you the appearance of extensions. 

As a beauty writer, I love trying out new mascara. It's satisfying watching my lashes transform. Mascara is among the easiest of makeup products to apply, and on days when I’m not feeling a full face, I place my trust in mascara, knowing it will pull my look together. 

Unfortunately, my eyes aren’t quite as fond of mascara. I find that some products are truly irritating to my lashes, causing watery eyes and discomfort. So, when I heard about Tower28’s new lengthening mascara, which is specifically formulated for sensitive eyes, I knew I had to try this one for myself. 


    • Vegan formula, ideal for sensitive eyes
    • Non-clumping
    • Flake-free
    • Volumizing


    • None

About Tower 28’s Lengthening + Curling Clean Mascara

Tower28 is a buzzy beauty brand beloved by TikTok users and makeup experts. All of its products are made with non-toxic, non-irritating formulas, and the brand adheres to a personal blacklist that’s intended to make consumers feel safe about using its products. The MakeWaves Lengthening + Curling Clean Mascara is the brand's first mascara. It's a vegan formula, tested by ophthalmologists and approved for use on sensitive skin.

How to Use Tower28’s Mascara

Application is key when using Tower 28’s MakeWaves mascara. The inner wave of the dual-sided brush should be used to build up your volume, while the longer bristles lengthen and define each individual lash.

Tower28 touts this design as a breakthrough, noting that its triple-wave wand, consisting of three bands, was created to enhance lashes without leaving behind clumps and excess product. Plus, you’re supposed to be able to easily build upon your initial application without any unwanted cakiness.

My Tower 28 Mascara Review

Immediately upon opening, I was a fan. The wand is extremely lightweight and easy to maneuver. I had no issue coating my top lashes and was easily able to swap between each side of the dual brush. 

Despite years of practice, I continually struggle with bottom lash application. Sometimes, I put on too much mascara, and other times, I feel as if I don’t create an even application. I had no issues with Tower28’s mascara and seamlessly coated each lash.

Unlike similar volumizing mascaras, Tower28’s iteration does not clump or cake. It truly worked to hit every single lash, and in building upon my initial application, I didn’t notice any clumps or overly-coated lashes. There is a subtlety to the application, which makes it easy to control how your end makeup looks. 

I used three coats of mascara on my top lash and one on my bottom. From the first swipe, I noticed a difference. 

As an added bonus, my eyes were not bothered at all by the mascara. In fact, I forgot I was even wearing eye makeup. There was no watering, no itchiness, and no discomfort. I wore the mascara for the entire day, and it held its curl, only losing its lengthening luster when I cleansed my face at the end of the day.

Final Verdict: Worth it

It’s rare that a mascara can truly shock me at first use, but from the minute I applied Tower28’s MakeWaves, I was amazed. It’s easy application, instant volume, and sensitive skin-approved formula makes it an absolute must-have.

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