These 5 Fall-Ready Jewelry Trends Belong in Your Vault

Say hello to the season's best-in-show jewelry.
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Sep 5, 2022

At Editorialist, we stand behind investing in core pieces that will remain on rotation in your closet year after year. While there is more wiggle room for lively accessories in the vein of pink, Barbiecore-aligned handbags, we prefer our jewelry trends to have more staying power.

Our editors take inspiration from runways, social media, trade shows, and even family heirlooms. As Market Editor, it's my job to garner insights from industry events, like the the 2022 Couture show to get the inside scoop on the jewelry trends that are shaping the market for the new season. We’re reaching past the core-ing (so long, pearlcore), the mixed metal, and the oversized, TikTok-y baubles to give you what's new and next, and worth investing in. Shop along as we explore the Fall 2022 jewelry trends you’ll be keeping in your vault for years to come.


Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are quickly shaking off their bad reputation with the help of It-girl brands like Dorsey and Vrai. With a recession underway in the US, natural diamond alternatives are a smart and affordable way to invest in everyday pieces—the styles you don’t take off. Many designers are making the case that lab-grown stones have the same physical and chemical structures as mined diamonds without the damage caused to the environment and miners. What could be trendier than subverting the climate crisis?

Style With: A cardigan, slip skirt, and sneakers. 


Heritage Logos

When it comes to logo-mania, our editors tred lightly. The art of playing it cool walks the line between subtlety and flashy. Splurging for a cuff bracelet or designer watch is a safe purchase to flex your favorite heritage heroes without blinding onlookers with your bling. 

Style With: A knit dress, simple shoulder bag (sans logo), and knee-high boots.



If you’re up to speed on all things Editorialist, you know that we are ooh-ing and ah-ing over emerald rings. Expanding into all categories, emeralds are the most-coveted gemstone in the jewelry landscape in 2022. Designers high and low are on board with the trend, from Bottega Veneta and Fernando Jorge to Melinda Maria. Still not sure about this trend? Do a quick search on your favorite jeweler, I dare you. 

Style With: A Blazé Milano blazer, leggings, and pumps. 


Exaggerated Huggies

To be a proud owner of a pair of huggie earrings is to know that they rarely get swapped out of your ear. From pavé to solid 14k gold, huggies are one of the top recommendations we make to clients when designing an entry-level earscape. Straying away from every day, we are leaning into the larger-than-life update to the evergreen staple. Exaggerated huggies are not going to be your go-to for day-to-day, but you will want to whip them out for every special occasion and holiday party you have coming down the pike. Beware, these earrings may cause over-excitement every time you open your jewelry box. 

Style With: Your best LBD, a satin clutch, and colorful heels. 


Modular Mates

They say change is good—and in this case we agree! The future of fashion includes multi-functional pieces that serve looks from the board room to black tie. Whether it be a tennis necklace with removable gemstones or a ring that can be worn multiple ways, modular jewels have our attention. 

Wear With: A mini dress, tights, and platform boots. 

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