5 Great Outfits from Tastemaker Alva Sperle

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Oct 25, 2022

In our new Outfits series, we’ve enlisted a few trusted tastemakers to walk us through their style philosophy, closet essentials, and the pieces that add up to great outfits. Dressing well is in their job description, after all. 

Here, Swedish influencer Alva Sperle breaks down her approach to style and shares 5 great outfits you’ll want to wear on repeat. 

Behind the looks on influencer Alva Sperle’s IG account, you’ll find an obvious throughline: easy outfits that rely on tailored staples and luxe accessories. The 24 year-old style setter excels at elevating everyday outfit formulas, like jeans and tees, with waistcoats and blazers as well as polished add-ons—think: ballet flats and pointed-toe pumps. In our chat with Alva, she cracks the code on her flawless outfits and shares a few favorite shopping recommendations.

Editorialist: In a few words, how would you describe your style philosophy?

Alva Sperle: I always prioritize feeling comfortable in the pieces that I wear. Everything I buy is of high quality and are amazing staple pieces that are easy to mix and match with each other. I love to play with proportions and textures to make my simple pieces look more interesting and I'm the biggest fan of accessories. Sunglasses, jewelry pieces and scarves are my best friends! I don't shop a lot, instead I aim to buy less pieces that I can keep for a longer period of time. 

Editorialist: Tell us about your go-to closet essentials. Do you have certain garments, bags, shoes, jewelry pieces, etc that get tons of mileage? 

AS: My closet essentials include well fitted jeans, blazers, white crisp shirts and t-shirts to begin with. This takes you such a long way! Cashmere pieces are also such a go-to for me, especially during winter. Then I also really love silk and satin pieces, as I feel like mixing different textures is what makes an outfit interesting. And, like earlier mentioned, my signature accessories are of great importance. My Chanel bag, my Celine bag, my statement Celine necklace and sneakers are my go-to's. 

Editorialist: How do you intend to tap into this season's trends and integrate them into your wardrobe?

AS: I love incorporating trends into my staple wardrobe, but in a sustainable way. I try not to buy excessive amounts of clothes each season that I'll easily get tired of. Instead, I try to tap into the trends that I love and that I feel like I won't get tired of super easily. If I want to incorporate more trendy pieces, then I usually seek the options that I can style in multiple ways so that I can use it for many seasons.


5 Great Outfits:

Photo Courtesy of Alva Sperle

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