The It List: Beauty Editors Share Their Sweater-Weather Beauty Picks

Tested and vetted by yours truly.
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Oct 26, 2022

As beauty editors, we test the latest and greatest products on the market. From new launches to cult classics, it's our job to keep you informed of the formulas that genuinely deserve your time, attention, and money. So, when we recommend a product, you can rest assured knowing that we've done our homework.

In this series, The It List, we narrow down our latest must-haves, so you can feel good about adding them to your cart—and giving them a spot on your vanity.

Scroll ahead to check out what we can't get enough of this month.

Gabriela Garcia

Senior Beauty Editor

Skin cycling is the newest skincare trend I am fully on board with. A rotating regime of exfoliation, retinol, and creamy moisturizers has been a game-changer for my complexion. I've been using Youth to the People's Kombucha Liquid Exfoliant along with its Superfood Air-Whip Moisturizer, and I look like I've been consistently getting eight hours (or more) of sleep a night. I also love Zitsticka's SPF 50 serum for keeping those UVA and UVB rays at bay. At night, I pamper my skin with Après Beauty's collagen eye masks and NuFace treatments. When I want the ambiance of crisp, freshly clean linens, I use Tocca's dry body oil post-shower for a long-lasting, subtle scent. 

Brooke Weissman

Beauty Director or Partnerships

Fall is in full swing, and so are my fall beauty staples. I love a dewy glow on the skin front, so this miracle Idsin Melatonik I apply at night is really doing the trick. My fall beauty inspo is filled with wine-like hues; my current favorites are Zoya Remington Nail Polish and Dior Show mascara in brown, which completes an easy minimalist eye that takes you from work to dinner. Fall hair calls for voluminous curls and a chic Prada metal clip—a staple in my hair all weekend long.

Cortne Bonilla

Branded Content Editor of Beauty & Fashion

We skipped over fall and moved right into winter, and my skin took notice instantly. I want to maintain the same dewy finish that I've achieved all summer long this season, from toe to head, so I'm adding in heavier moisturizers, overnight creams, and makeup products that make more of an impact; it makes all the difference before and after makeup. I'm doing the same for my hair with nourishing masks and oils.

Taylor Jean Stephan

Taylor Jean Stephan
Contributing Beauty Editor

I've been traveling a lot this past month, which wreaks havoc on your skin. Whenever I'm home, I'll whip out Shani Darden's limited edition LED face mask. At $2k, it's pricey but worth it; it features red, blue, and near-infrared light therapy and even has a separate neck attachment. And at the end of a long night out, I can be a bit lazy with my skincare routine, so a good face oil saves me every time (and Maya Chia's new four-ingredient formula has a delicious, sweet but subtle plum scent).

When I'm out, especially if I know I'm going to be photographed at an event (or wherever), I've learned that full glam looks better. I always try to show up "ready." Kulfi's just-launched concealer has been a game changer—it's creamy but light and covers everything from undereye bags to acne along my jawline. Make Beauty's silky eyeliner (in a matte brown to make my blue eyes pop) applies flawlessly with the lightest touch and is truly a hidden gem. I don't go anywhere without a nude lip liner, and Tarte just came out with my new go-to (the 'buff' color is impeccable). I've recently become a perfume girl, and the Santal Calling scent from the Parisian perfumery dropped last month; it's a balanced mix of musky sandalwood and sugary vanilla—perfect for day to night.

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